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Texas? Away up North here?

Posted 5 years ago

If you’re relatively new to Bass fishing, you have probably heard of or tried fishing with ‘soft plastics.’ What some folks have mistakenly referred to as ‘a rubber worm’ has exploded into an amazing variety of lifelike and/or bizarre-looking soft baits that appeal to fish for various reasons and under various conditions. One thing is common to all soft plastic baits: If you rig them properly, you can penetrate deep into ‘snaggy’ cover and present the bait to fish that would never see other categories of baits because they feature treble hooks or exposed hooks.From Left to Right among the...

Tournaments? That’s Just For The Pros, Right?

Posted 5 years ago

Bob with a brute! Okay admit it: You’ve watched those Bass fishing T.V. shows, and when all those competitors with their fancy boats and gear blasted off to their secret honey holes you thought, ‘I’ll never do anything like that. That’s just for experts and professionals. Besides, fishing is for fun, not frantically casting and trying to make money.’Well it’s true, anything can be taken to an extreme and as far as I’m concerned if you’re not having fun, you’re not really fishing. But if there is one thing I have learned in decades of Bass fishing, the smartest thing...

Learning to Love the Spawn|Bass Fishing

Posted 5 years ago

A lot of things have changed since the beginning of time! The human kinds first fishing pole was a giant stick with some woven string! Intellegence of men has grown with the growth of the earth. Mankind has made great technological leaps, but his limited understanding of the weather, especially when it influences water temperature and Bass spawning, can be one of the greatest hurdles for a Bass fisherman.The first thing to do, regarding the spawn, is to forget the calendar. Months of the year can be a good general indicator, but weather cycles have their own, often totally unpredictable,...

Tuna Fishing out of Ilwaco - Pacific Ocean

Posted 5 years ago

A day of some epic tuna fishing in the pacific ocean. Over 40 fish caught with multiple doubles and triples on. We used a ton of techniques for catching the tuna ranging from trolling, then live bait and jigging.We saw whales and sharks while we were out 40+ miles off land. Great day with a great captain.Music By: Gene Louis & The Brave Ones- "Petty Thief"

3 Rules for Handling Steelhead

Posted 5 years ago

I remember fishing the summer of 2013 for Fall Chinook on the lower Columbia. As we held anchor in deeper water we watched the summer steelhead fishermen on the sandy banks, plunking for Steelhead. They we're doing pretty well as a matter of fact. It was difficult however, to see someone kicking a wild fish back into the water. They hauled it up onto the sand, let it flop around and then kicked it back into the water.This reminded me that education has still got a long ways to go.We're talking Wild Steelhead. What is it about wild steelhead that...

Warmwater Baits for Big Bass

Posted 5 years ago

There will be a remaining week of cooler-than-average weather for May 2013, then temperatures will ramp up for Summer. Our lakes, rivers and river backwaters will warm up as well. There will still be some Bass spawning for weeks to come, but overall the fish will be moving into post-spawn and active feeding behaviors – except during very hot weather, times of low oxygen and unfavorable barometric pressures – that will culminate in the Fall Feeding Frenzy, as waters begin to chill and daylight hours shorten again.Bob the Bassmaster! Most big Largemouth Bass in our area are going to be...

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