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Oregon & Washington Steelhead Fly Fishing

Posted 2 years ago

The rivers of Oregon and Washington hold impressive, resilient fish. Despite tough habitat conditions and constant fishing pressure, there is still opportunity to find both summer and winter steelhead - year round.Fly fishing for steelhead, whether it be using dry flies, streamers, nymphs...etc. - it's an art that results in high-flying fish when you connect.You'll see both hatchery and wild steelhead in this video - summer run and winter run specimens that decided to take a chance on a fly.Finding steelhead fly fishing requires a perseverance and ability to read water. While many areas of the river may hold fish,...

Winter Chrome - New Addicted Apparel & Scents Available

Posted 2 years ago

Addicted 'Winter Chrome 'A steelheaders blood pumps when the elements meet their addiction. The search for chrome steelhead in rainfall, snow, sleet or ice conditions can be very rewarding. As fish don't wait for us to have comfortable, easy conditions - we must react to their migration and optimize our program. Winter Chrome BlendOur "Winter Chrome" blend of steelhead scent (made by Pro-Cure)  is built to target  steelhead. Scent can be a huge factor to pushing more bites out of steelhead. Our winter chrome blend provides an enticing smell to steelhead - which are famous for having highly sensitive smell capacities....

Tune Plugs and Hook Up More

Posted 2 years ago

Salmon and steelhead plug fishing has been and remains popular for intercepting and hooking salmon and steelhead. Whether you're fishing a stationary position or back-trolling in a river current - a properly tuned plug is ESSENTIAL to maximizing your odds while plug fishing. If a plug is improperly tuned, it will run to one side more when sped up - or possibly go in a full rotation.You want plugs that run well at all the speeds you're going to use them in.In this video, TJ Hester explains the nuances of salmon & steelhead plug fishing, and gives a visual demonstration of the process. ...

Late Fall & Early Winter Kokanee Fishing

Posted 3 years ago

The advent of late fall and winter often brings some excellent kokanee prospects on lakes in Washington. Yale, Stevens, Chelan and many other areas offer the opportunity to get into kokanee on a consistent basis. Watch as Cameron from Gone Catchin' fishes November kokanee in Washington state.When kokanee are near the surface it can be advantageous to top-line baits/lures with no weight or downriggers. A mixture of downriggers and top-lines often results in accurate dialing-in of key fish depths. This optimization of your kokanee program allows  for a precise knowledge of which part of the water collumn is producing best. Consistent measuring...

Twitch-Insanity! 4 Videos about "Twitching" Coho Salmon

Posted 3 years ago

What is it about twitching jigs for coho (silver) salmon? Why is this one of the fastest exploding Northwest methods? Pure coverage of water with a fun, involved technique quickly has made this technique very popular in short time. In our Facebook Live posts we have discussed this method heavily. Below are four videos dedicated to twitching jigs. They show numerous rivers being fished in Oregon and Washington using this technique. We often use 1/2 oz and 3/8 oz jigs. Aero Twitching Jigs are our favorite for the pattern selections they offer.Many rods will work for this technique, something that is lighter and...

One of the Top Freshwater Bait Rigs EVER!

Posted 3 years ago

If you fish lakes, ponds or even for surf perch, you should be using this rig! Built to present two baits at once "The Crappie Rig" is an expert way to do that, with minimal snagging. In the video below, you'll see the basics of the "Crappie Rig." These can be purchased easily online. The setup consists of a top swivel that features two wire separators or "spreader-bars" that are mounted vertically on the line with leaders coming off horizontally. These are positioned so they don't tangle much. At the bottom snap swivel you can easily attach a fishing weight.&t=1sThe "Crappie...

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