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News — Tutorial Videos

Spring Salmon Fishing Rivers & Creeks Exclusive Youtube Series

Posted A year ago

Spring salmon fishing can be a challenge to a new angler or even an angler that has been fishing for years but looking to expand his or her knowledge. In this exclusive Tributary Salmon Youtube Series Jordan Knigge from 168 Fishing Adventures goes overs different techniques, tactics, and tips to help you be successful on the water. 

Marlin's Largemouth Bass Primer

Posted A year ago

Marlin Lefever shares his most consistent tactics for catching bass. Spring, Summer, Fall...largemouth bass act different during different seasons and stages of the spawn. Some baits do produce consistently over others during the many seasons.  The first we will discuss is a well-loved favorite that is effective almost anywhere. It works well for encouraging bass that aren't as aggressive to bite - yet it produces savages takes from aggressive fish too. Weedless senkos. Though weedless plastics are one of the top producers throughout the season, they are not the only answer. Jigs are a classic and powerful tool for covering...

Walleye Jigging | Techniques & Tips to Hook More Walleye

Posted 2 years ago

Walleye Jigging puts you on concentrated walleye in a big way. When you locate walleye, one of the absolute best methods to target them is by jigging for them. Jigging is straight up effective, even in deep water you can jig and hook up on walleye. When fish move to shallower sections, jigging can be a good way to quietly pick apart the water.In the video below TJ Hester goes over the walleye jig rig and discusses jigging in general.During cold water periods, jigging can be one of the best methods hands down. It can spark a reaction from lethargic...

Herring on Anchor - Chinook Salmon Technique Explained

Posted 2 years ago

Anchor fishing for spring, summer and fall chinook salmon is a tried and true way to target moving chinook. Boats all over drop anchor and prepare their presentations hoping for migratory salmon. Anchor fishing for salmon often involves plugs like the Killerfish or Kwikfish. Other times anglers will use wobblers or spin-glo and bait.One highly effective technique that is not always utilized is the popular trolling bait - herring. While this is most used while trolling for salmon, it's also very effective as an anchor technique. It involves a flotation device to keep the herring off of the bottom.When you anchor...

Wrapping Salmon Plugs with Coonshrimp or Prawn

Posted 2 years ago

We highly recommend wrapping salmon plugs with bait to add the extra edge on triggering a bite. The action of the plug must still be tuned properly while being wrapped with bait. By using the proper baits and wrapping the plug in the right way, you can maintain an excellent plug action plus leave a scent trail that will lure salmon right to your plug.Sardine and tuna are popular wraps - we often use quality cured coon-shrimp (Washington Coon Shrimp is our personal choice.) Also of note - this is not only productive on fresh Chinook but also extremely effective on...

Prepping the Killerfish Salmon Plug

Posted 2 years ago

This tutorial video covers how to prep the Brad's "Killerfish" salmon plug. When you get a Killerfish, they usually fish great right out of the package. Anchor up in your boat and get the rods ready, when you tie on a Killerfish you're setting up for success. As long as you get in the right traffic lane, the Killerfish offer a good chance at salmon. They do require proper tuning and are excellent wrapped with bait for best results.Salmon plugs are very popular beyond just the Columbia River. Plug fishing attracts often due to the aggressive nature of salmon. The Killerfish...

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