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News — editorials

Getting Gillnets OFF of the Mainstem Columbia

Posted February 03, 2017

The Columbia RiverThe Columbia River is one of the last remaining inland rivers in the United States that still allows commercial gill-netting.Over the past years, the Columbia River has been ripe with debate over whether or not it should be allowed. The primary debate is over the mainstem Columbia, where hundreds of thousands of fish, including ESA-listed salmon & steelhead migrate upstream each year.Fishing Addicts Northwest met with the CCA in January of 2017 (Coastal Conservation Association) to discuss CCA's efforts to remove mainstem Columbia Gill-netting. You can watch the Live Feed Below:What is CCA?The Coastal Conservation Association is an advocacy group...

Why Salmon & Steelhead Are One of The Worlds Most Addictive Fish

Posted March 21, 2016

Line peels, rod bent downriver as a big, bright fish breaks the water surface. Tail propelling it powerfully into the air, the fish shows it's beautiful blushed side and spits the hook all in one motion. Disappearing to leave the river quiet and seemingly untouched.Photo by Cameron Black A successfully landed fish, whether released or otherwise, is an experience that every angler is looking to have. The allure of the unexpected in fishing grabs anglers all over the world and provides a huge economic and recreational value to the surrounding communities and anglers.Fishing has ingrained itself deeply into our roots...

Lamiglas For Life

Posted February 23, 2016

Growing up in Gresham Oregon in the late 80’s it wasn’t uncommon to see someone with rifles in the back window of their pickup truck, or a teenager riding home on his bike with a fresh Sandy river steelhead hanging off the handle bars.As far back as I could remember I would fish with my dad (Brent), well at least he would drag me down to the river with him. I didn't do much fishing back then, mostly complaining. As time progressed my interest in fishing grew, specifically targeting steelhead. The first metal head I ever bonked was below river...

Hog-Line Etiquette | Anchor Fishing For Salmon

Posted July 31, 2014

Anchor Fishing For Salmon on the Columbia River This fall the Columbia River will a large run of chinook salmon blasting through tidewater all the way to the upper reaches. Fishermen all over will hitch up boats in anticipation of great fishing, forming "hog-lines" up and down the big river. With this in mind we thought we'd share a little bit of info on anchoring etiquette.Every boat in the river has got a place they want to fish and even if you don't, you can always pull into a line of boats and join the party! Hog-lines are especially popular with...

River Etiquette | Coexisting with Other Anglers

Posted July 16, 2014

Less conflict, more fishing! This article is specifically targeted towards bank anglers. We'll discuss driftboat etiquette in a future article.River Ettiquette | Coexisting with Other AnglersGood fishing brings crowds. Maybe you've got some great locations that you can find both fish and solitude, but not everyone has that luxury. Wherever you may fish, we ask that you practice simple common courtesy, or "etiquette."River etiquette is beneficial to every angler·i·quette ˈetikit,-ˌket/ The customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group. We all must share the same water. As many have remarked, these days there...

Salmon & Steelhead declines in Southwest Washington

Posted July 13, 2014

A large & rare wild steelhead. The following is a short interview with Richard Dyrland, a hydrologist and river conservationist. He is an active participant in the conservation of our local streams & rivers. I met him during a plant of Chum Salmon into one of our Southwest Washington rivers – The Lewis to be specific. Upon meeting Richard, I was immediately struck by his down-to-earth manner and caring spirit towards our water systems and fish populations. Below are my questions and his answers. I hope they shed some light into the state of our fisheries. What prompted you to get...

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