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Prepping the Killerfish Salmon Plug

Posted 2 years ago

This tutorial video covers how to prep the Brad's "Killerfish" salmon plug. When you get a Killerfish, they usually fish great right out of the package. Anchor up in your boat and get the rods ready, when you tie on a Killerfish you're setting up for success. As long as you get in the right traffic lane, the Killerfish offer a good chance at salmon. They do require proper tuning and are excellent wrapped with bait for best results.Salmon plugs are very popular beyond just the Columbia River. Plug fishing attracts often due to the aggressive nature of salmon. The Killerfish...

Salmon Trolling Setup | Rigging for Salmon Fishing

Posted 2 years ago

Salmon are taken on the troll in huge numbers every year. Salmon trolling is a very popular technique for a few reasons, a major one is that you can cover a broad area and range of water depths. By setting up your boat for trolling, you have the ability to change depths or locations quickly in order to find fish. If you've found a steady producing fish lane you may choose to anchor, but trolling is often one of the most popular techniques for chinook salmon. The Columbia river holds large runs of Spring, Summer and Fall Chinook. Trolling for these...

Why Salmon & Steelhead Are Disappearing | Part 2 - Dams

Posted 2 years ago

Hydroelectric DamsPerhaps the most definitive barrier to fish migration and spawning is an actual barrier. Hydroelectric dams are beneficial to human development, but devastating to fish populations. Many dams have been built with zero allowances for fish passage. This completely cuts off all spawning and rearing habitat above the dam and changes the natural flow and substrate distribution of a river.Some dams upstream in the Columbia River did not have fish passage. This destroyed populations such as the famous "June-Hog" Chinook Salmon that migrated to the upper reaches of the Columbia. These fish were genetically built and adapted so that they...

Why Salmon & Steelhead are Disappearing - Part I - Spawning Streams

Posted 2 years ago

There are so many hurdles facing salmon and steelhead, it's a wonder there are any left. Though they are a resilient species, they are not invincible. History shows us that great abundance was the norm before fish populations started getting decimated, river by river.Photo : Jon Mueller This is Part I in a series that will detail multiple factors.All photos used by permission submitted by members of the Fishing Addicts FB GroupLewis and Clark talked about the great salmon runs they encountered when headed west. There was talk of the fish being so thick that you could walk across the...

How to Setup & Troll Walleye Effectively

Posted 2 years ago

The bottom-walker trolling setup is without a doubt one of the most popular and effective rigs used to target walleye. Whether you are a midwest angler, fishing Minnesota, Wisconsin and Lake Erie tributaries, or a Pacific Northwest Walleye Hound you'll find this rig is highly applicable.Walleye Trolling TutorialsIn the videos below we go over a number of factors for setting up for Walleye trolling. We focus on the bottom-walker technique as this is an excellent way to start fishing walleye, and certain times of year will get you the most bites.To learn how to rig the bottom-walker setup, watch this tutorial...

What's Happening in 2017 for Spring Chinook | Forecast

Posted 2 years ago

The 2017 Spring Chinook Season Predications/Forecast in Columbia RiverThe Columbia River Spring Chinook Run is likely the most anticipated fishery in the Columbia River basin. Though the fall fishery usually has much higher numbers bound for many more rivers, the famous "Springer" is the most delicious of salmon, arguably in the world. Spring chinook also stay bright for much longer than their fall counterparts, based on the fact that they are meant to stay in the rivers for a much longer time before spawning. The first reported spring chinook was caught in mid-February this year. This is typical of the pilot...

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