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Selecting a Kayak for Salmon Fishing | Guest Article

Posted 5 years ago

When I first started salmon and steelhead fishing, I - like many new anglers, was bound to the bank...Kayak fishing is one of the most exhilarating ways to fight a fish!Written by Tyler Hicks - Guest Article ... For a time this was tolerable, but I found myself increasingly looking and longing to fish the next pool or tailout below. I was convinced that more, bigger, and brighter fish lay beyond the reach of my cast. More pragmatically, I desired to explore and fish in solitude. A boat was what I needed and a boat is what I could not...

Rigging Coon Shrimp for Steelhead

Posted 5 years ago

One of our favorite way to fish for Steelhead in "The Big River" aka. the Columbia River, is with coon-shrimp and spin-glo. Both summer and winter Steelhead love this deadly combination. When presented properly, coon shrimp and spin-glo can be one of the most effective ways to target migratory Steelhead. Steelhead are not the only fish that love coon shrimp though. Chinook, coho and sockeye are known to snap at them as well.Watch below how to rig up a coon shrimp properly.Subscribe for more tips and techniques.

Stnchy Fish Attractants - Overview

Posted 5 years ago

Stnchy Fish Attractants are an excellent Made-in-the-U.S.A. product. Created by Leon Stamps (aka. Getyo Barzup) they are a gelatin/malleable type scent ideal for applying to lures like Kwikfish during salmon season, or for putting on your plastics when bass fishing, not to mention a variety of other uses. Check out Stnchy today and like them on FB -> had the chance to sit down with fellow Fishing Addict Leon Stamps and get a little insight from him on his new products. Q1. Leon, tell us a little bit about you and your scent line - Stnchy. When did you start...

Pink Worm & Diver Setup

Posted 5 years ago

We all know how deadly the pink worm is on Steelhead when fished under a float or drifted, but have you ever tried them on a diver? In this video, Shaun will describe how he rigs pink worms on a diver to fish for winter & summer steelhead.We fish Mad River Steelhead Worms all over the Pacific Northwest for big aggressive steelhead! Subscribe to us on Youtube for more tutorials!

Easily carry your bonked fish!

Posted 5 years ago

"How-To" easily transport and carry fish while bank fishing.When you're bank fishing down a long, muddy trail during the middle of winter, it's easy to get tired of hauling fish out! Not that catching fish is ever a bad thing, but lugging fish by hand up long trails is never ideal. In this tutorial video, we show you can easily carry salmon, steelhead, trout...any variety of legal keeper fish species.We hope you enjoy this video about how. Hit the subscribe button in the player!

Bobbers Drain! Oregon Chinook Fishing

Posted 5 years ago

Watch as floats drain for Oregon Coastal chinook!Chinook fishing in smaller rivers and streams can be a very exciting experience. In this video the Addicts take their floats, jigs and baits to the Oregon Coast. Watch as they catch chinook (king) salmon using float (bobber) fishing techniques. This video takes place on a few rivers throughout the Oregon Coast.When fall arrives and the rain comes up, tributaries throughout Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Canada fill with salmon. Coho, Chinook, Sockeye, Pinks on odd years and Chum salmon are spread throughout rivers. We go fish for them! Please subscribe to...

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