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Winter Steelhead Fishing Tips & Tricks!

by Marlin LeFever

January 16, 2019

Steelhead fishing is one of the most exhilarating things you can do, especially when were talking winter steelhead fishing. If your trying to get out and catch a winter steelhead, a few techniques are must haves on the river. In this video Jordan from Addicted Fishing talks about his personal top 5 techniques he is using when out on the river. Jordans picks for winter steelhead fishing are bait fishing, jig fishing, bead fishing, worm fishing, and spinner fishing! All 5 of these methods can be deadly in their own manner when targeting winter steelhead but everyone also has their own methods so we would love to hear them! Comment below with your thoughts, and don't forget to subscribe. Video Below! 
Float fishing for steelhead, salmon, or trout has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years. If you're new to float fishing you're probably wondering what the heck mending line means. If your an advanced angler, Jordan gives some really great salmon and steelhead fishing tips on line control and management. Learning to mend your fishing line when float fishing can be a challenge in different types of water. Jordan of Addicted Fishing gives us a bunch of fishing tips on mending line and controlling the float. Thanks so much for tuning and and please tap that subscribe button!! Video Below! 
Steelhead fishing no matter the river or creek can be a challenge for new anglers trying to learn these amazing fish. So you searched online How To Fish For Steelhead, and you found one of our videos. Don't stop there though, we have tons of tutorials on steelhead fishing, so be sure to check them all out!! In this video Jordan from Addicted Fishing is going to go over exactly how to get out and fish for steelhead. The first step in steelhead fishing and actually being successful is learning how to read water and find where these steelhead will sit. Next you need to know where on the river to go to find the steelhead, you also need to know exactly how to fish the water once you've located where you think the steelhead are going to be. These steelhead fishing tips from Jordan will get you far on your knowledge spectrum but you need to get out on the water and apply all this knowledge. The best way to become a good steelhead fishing angler is time on the water. Go out and apply these tips and have some fun! Thanks for watching, don't forget to tap that subscribe button. Video Below! 


  • These tips keep you sharp. Thanks guys

    Jasen Johnson on

  • Killer Job guys, Great information. I’m Kinda Old School, so Seeing All the Newer Products and Techniques Is Very Helpful. Keep it simple and have fun

    Greg Arneson on

  • Thankyou for all you guys do as show us how to rig up with beads as I am gonna try this as soon as I can.

    Terry Wagner on

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