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Sushi Sushi Sushi!!! Lets Roll...

 As a seafood lover, sushi is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the fish my family and I catch. Raw fish isn't everyone's cup of tea, if you try it and don't like it right away don't give up, quality sushi can be hard to find and there are many different styles and ingredients to choose from. The three main styles are, the typical rolls most people think of wrapped in nori which is the Japanese word for seaweed, the other two are nigiri and sashimi. In this article we will be focusing on how to properly make sushi rolls, it took many tries and help from my Fiancé to get the process really dialed in. 
      The first and most important part of quality sushi is the rice which, is far more in depth than I initially could have imagined. Lets break it down step by step.  
    First measure out a cup of rice for every 3 rolls you plan on making, place it in a large bowl and add room temp water. Once the rice is covered with water agitate it till cloudy, this step helps clean off the rice for best flavor and texture. Rinse and repeat till the water stays clear.
After the rinsing process, the rice should be added to a rice cooker or pot with 1.25 cups of water.
     While the rice is cooking start preparing the rice seasoning, this step adds a flavor that compiments the nori well. The ingredients (see below) for the seasoning, need to be added to a small pot and warmed on a very low setting, this is done to make sure the flavors are blended. Once the rice is done and seasoning warmed mix them together using a slicing motion with the tip of a spatula; this helps keep the rice as sticky and dense as possible.                                                                           
                 Seasoning Ingedients 
                     1/4 cup rice Vinegar
                   1 Tbsp. white Sugar
                         1.5 Tsp Salt                    
Tip: Flavor to taste by adding slightly less salt or sugar and slowy stir in desired amounts.      
Ingredient Prep.
   Catch a fish!! 
Fillet the fish 
                                                         Slice desired ingedients thin 
     If you have one, wrap rolling mat in plastic and lay out just over half a sheet of nori
   Spread the rice evenly over nori and layer the fillings about 3 pieces deep/wide so it isnt lumpy once rolled. 
Now roll the sushi, see below for more details on this step
     Probably the hardest part of the whole process is the actually rolling of everything to, you want it to be tight and even while not tearing the nori. To start roll everything till the edge of the nori is even with the top most filling, then press down with the edge and slightly drag the fillings toward you to tghten them up. Be carefull not to drag the rice when pulling everthing tight then complete the rolling motion slowly working everything from edge to edge and double check your seam that it stuck before slicing into 1/2" wide pieces.
When serving your sushi, there are some staple sides that  complement its flavor. Wasabi, with a dash of soy sauce is a must and some picked ginnger to clear your pallot is delicous. All of these items should be located in the asian cuisine isle of your local market. If you are looking to take your sushi to the next level ingredients can be purchased from your local sushi resturant such as masago, a.k.a smelt roe and spicy mayo as toppings. 
  Be creative and design some rolls to the style and flavor you crave. There are a thousand and one types of sushi out there so, design something you wil enjoy and remember that sometimes keeping it simple is best. From one fisherman to another roll on my fishy friends.   

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  • Love watching you guys doing adventures and fishing on addicted.
    And Jordan your the man mate.
    I’ve watched all of your stay fishey.
    Love your adventures and catch and cook so on.
    The I’ll be definitely trying your way.
    Big sushi fan.
    Use guys stay safe
    Looking forward to some up coming video’s.
    Hopefully on stay fishey as well.
    Take care guys 🎣

    Matt on

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