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Battle Ground Lake Bass Fishing

by The Addicts

July 15, 2014

This may be surprising to most, but Battle Ground Lake holds some of the biggest bass in the state! For most people this is just a myth, but I have seen them with my own eyes cruising the shores! These big green elusive monsters have been ruling over this lake since way back when. In most cases these fish are dang near impossible to catch. Besides the tight line worm fishermen hooking onto, “the huge fish that snapped their line….”

bass fishing washington stateThese fish are probably never even hooked. These fish have seen every lure in your resume. They have become so line shy that catching them is near impossible.   There is always a way though, you can trick any fish you want to catch. It’s going to take some time and a lot of effort but if you’re up to it, you can catch them.  Right now is the key time.  The water at Battle Ground Lake has reached critical temperature and these big elusive bass have begun to spawn.  The fish in the lake use deeper areas of the lake to spawn. They focus on finding deep shelves or even logs that they can have a safe spawning bed on.  The key to catching these fish is finding the beds, this is the hard part.

Be patient and take your time, walking the shore of the lake is very easy. There is a trail all the way around the lake, so access to every angle is very easy. What you’re going to need to do to find these fish is cast and cast and then cast some more.  As you walk the shore about every 50 yards make casts out into the water in all angles. Keep repeating this all the way around the lake. There are a few lures that can work in this situation. My favorite is going to be a Jig with crawdad trailer. Work the jig extremely slow across the bottom, bouncing it off logs or any other structure underneath the water.  Move it slow with just slight twitches and pauses in between the twitches. What you’re doing is trying to locate a bed, by covering every inch of shoreline on the lake. Eventually if you’re lucky you will bring the jig across the bed of a weary largemouth. Even though these fish are so smart to lures and line, right now it doesn’t matter. These fish are in protecting mode! They are going to attack to kill anything that approaches or threatens their spawning bed.  The bass in this lake have reached peak sizes. Some of them have been said to top 10 pounds!!  Now that you’re done reading this article…what are you waiting for, get out there and break the Washington state record largemouth!

-Marlin Lefever


  • Is there records kept of biggest fish out of that lake? I know if statewide records but any lake specific ones?

    Jordan Evans on

  • no kaiden but tiny weighless craws work great

    Sam on

  • Great for trout if anyonw is wondering also I have a question. Do buzzbaits work good at battle ground lake or spinner baits?

    Kaiden on

  • Yo guys ive seen a frickin 15 pounder in there the trick is when theyre not spawning have a very playful rod and 8 to 10 lb line dont horse them out play with them and use a senko weigtless rigged with a curved hook for more action or texas rigged worm moccasin like a senko let them both sink and slooooowly twitch them and bam 🐟 on but it takes some work tight lines! P.S. 15 lb braid with a medium action uglystick GX2 use a 12 lb floro 5 foot length from end of braid to leader 10-11 lb leader!

    Sam on

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