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Stnchy Fish Attractants - Overview

by The Addicts

November 07, 2014

Stnchy Fish Attractants are an excellent Made-in-the-U.S.A. product. Created by Leon Stamps (aka. Getyo Barzup) they are a gelatin/malleable type scent ideal for applying to lures like Kwikfish during salmon season, or for putting on your plastics when bass fishing, not to mention a variety of other uses. Check out Stnchy today and like them on FB ->

I had the chance to sit down with fellow Fishing Addict Leon Stamps and get a little insight from him on his new products.


photo 1

Q1. Leon, tell us a little bit about you and your scent line - Stnchy. When did you start Stnchy and what prompted you to begin?

A1. Stnchy-a neighborhood slang word me and friend created for the term potent. My product was created to give Anglers an extra edge while fishing fresh & salt waters using plastic & artificial baits.

Q2. What types of anglers can benefit from Stnchy products?

A2. Stnchy was created for tournament anglers, weekend warriors, bank beaters or basically for anyone that uses unscented artificial or plastic baits to catch fish.

Q3. Why fishing Leon? What's so special about it?

A3. I'm currently 33 years old. I've been fishing since I was 4 years old. A woman once told me it was me or fishing. I grabbed my poles and never looked back. It's going on 7 years word. I eat, sleep, fish. What's special about it to me is the peacefulness, able to concentrate only to be interrupted by natures voice that surroundeth you or modern day technology. (Text message/smartphone)

Q4. How many scents is Stnchy available in? What's your current product line?

A4. There's currently 7 flavors available: shrimp, garlic, shad, sardine, mackerel, coffee and our secret scent. I have 3 scents: Crawfish, corn, and tuna currently being field tested with a release date of July 4th, 2014. Our product line includes 10 scents that can be used for freshwater or saltwater fishing. We also have Stnchy Outdoor Apparel which will include shirts, hats, hoodies and other useful gear for all weekend warriors and hipsters with a release date: Summer or 2014photo 2

Q5. Where is Stnchy distributed and/or available?

A5. Stnchy is distributed by word of mouth around local banks, lakes, and rivers but mainly sold via Internet on Twitter & Facebook. You can also pick up a jar at Grumpy's Outdoors located in Yakima, WA

Q6. How about your page and videos?

A6. Check out product at Twitter @stnchy Instagram IG #stnchy our YouTube and website is currently under construction. For customer care, suggestions, questions or orders you can email me at stnchyattractants@icloud .com or

Q7. Are you #addicted?

A7. There's no storm I haven't weathered. From 39 degrees to 109 degrees I've robbed plenty banks from Arizona to Washington being raised in northern Cali I've always had a fondness of largemouth bass. There's nothing compared to the peace of mind, concentration and adrenaline rush involved with fishing. There's no topic more interesting than fishing unless it's fishing for money. If I'm not fishing I'm thinking about how I can improve in some way. Eat, Sleep, Fish is my motto. For me at 33 years of age there is no intervention. My addition runs back many of generations. I was bred to fish and I won't stop. Some call me a junkie, I've been called a fishbum but deep down inside I know I'm an "ADDICT" once the addiction starts, it never stops....

L.Stamps CEO Stnchy Fish Attractants #DaBankRobber #Addict Getyo barzup google me.




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